Electricity Saving Tips – Reduce Your Phantom Load and Increase Your Savings

Electricity Saving TipsAccording to studies involving electricity savings tips, it has been established that the best tip to save money in your household on your electric bill is to reduce your phantom load. By reducing your phantom load, you will, ultimately, increase your savings. Every single home in the United States has a phantom. In fact, every home has more than one phantom. These are not your typical ghostly phantoms that are often seen lurking about in scary movies, or the type that the media would have you believing wanders the world on Halloween. These phantoms consume the energy throughout your home. Technically, a “phantom load” is defined as any type of device that consumes electricity in your home when it is powered off, but, still remains plugged into an electrical outlet. While these devices so offer many conveniences that we have become dependent on, they waste precious energy and cost a great deal of money when not in use. According to a study conducted by the Department of Energy in the United States, approximately 75% of all of the electricity used to power the electronics within the home is actually consumed when those products are turned off. When you really consider this point, it makes sense that the top tip to save money is to reduce your phantom load.

Start Searching for Those Pesky Phantoms

Now that you know reducing your phantom load is one of the most productive electricity saving tips available, it is time to search out those pesky phantoms and banish them forever! The most common culprits are the appliances throughout your home. These include items in your kitchen, those that are part of your entertainment center, home office equipment, and a wide variety of other culprits! Examples include your television, coffee pot, microwave, DVD player, stereo, cell phone charger, cordless phone, desktop computer, printer, washer, dryer, MP3 players, tablets that are plugged in, and even your alarm clocks! Now, many items must stay on in a type of “Standby Mode” in order to work properly. Before attempting to banish your phantoms to save money, separate these items. Otherwise, all you have to do is unplug every single thing in your home that is not in use.

Additional Electricity Saving Tips

In addition to unplugging items that are not in use, there are other ways you may reduce your phantom load. The first is to purchase appliances and devices that are rated, “Energy Star”. Right away, you will start experiencing savings. You may also group together certain items, such as those that make up your entertainment center, on a single power strip. Instead of unplugging the power strip, simply turn it off until it is needed. If you use night lights or plug-in air fresheners throughout your home, be certain to unplug these devices when they are not in use. You may also purchase and utilize smart strips in the home. These are wonderful for home offices and entertainment centers. You simply plug your main item into a master outlet and that outlet controls the other outlets on the strip. For example, if you plug your television into a master outlet and turn it on, it would turn on the items in the additional outlets, such as your Roku device or your cable box. By following the electricity saving tips in this guide – particularly the top tip to save money, reducing your phantom load – you are sure to find that you save a tremendous amount of money each month!

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