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IRS Tax Relief Basics

Sometimes, through no fault of their own, people find themselves in debt to the IRS. If you owe money to the IRS, there a lot of choices and options that are available to help you make the payments. Don’t panic, thinking that you can’t handle this dilemma, you do have options. […]

5 Common Tax Deduction

Tax season is in full swing for 2013.  If you’re working on your taxes via paper or online (check out our list of 10 TurboTax discounts) you should be aware of these common tax deductions. Home Mortgage Interest Generally you can deduct the mortgage interest you’ve paid on your home […]

Do I Need to File Taxes?

You’ve probably heard (or asked) this question before: “Do I need to file taxes this year?”  Well the answer may surprise you.  Many Americans don’t have to file taxes if they fit a certain criteria.  Usually, income level, filing status, age and income type will determine if you are required […]

10 Discounts for Filing Taxes Online

Turbo Tax discounts are available to almost everyone. You just have to be an account holder or member with one of these companies and you can get a discount on Turbo Tax for up to 35%.  (Actually, some sites like fidelity and Bank of America have been known to give […]

2012 Standard Deduction

The projected 2012 tax brackets have been calculated along with the 2012 standard deduction projections. Define the Standard Deduction The IRS allows taxpayers the ability to reduce their taxable income by taking tax deductions.  In general, a taxpayer can elect to take a standard deduction or itemize their deductions.  A […]

2012 Tax Brackets

The 2012 tax brackets have been calculated and are listed below.  Some of the key changes to the 2012 tax brackets include: Standard Deduction Increase: For Singles: $5,950 (up $150 from 2011) For Married Filing Jointly: $11,900 (up $300 from 2011) The 2012 tax brackets actually translate to more savings […]