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Impulse Spending Is a Killer Drain

Impulse Spending at Online Retailers – The Ultimate Financial Drains According to statistics, impulse buying and impulse spending at online retailers, such as Amazon, is the ultimate financial drain for many individuals and families around the nation. The average Amazon Prime customer has been found to spend nearly $1,500.00 each […]

5 Money Thoughts That You Should Get Off Your Head

Having a healthy mindset about money is important for financial stability. The importance of positive money psychology could never be undermined as they create the right framework to firmly support your journey towards success in terms of personal finance management. However, there are negative money thoughts that keep some people […]

Debt Reduction Strategies

When it comes to debt reduction, having a strategy can mean the difference between success and failure. No more excuses, you need a debt reduction strategy!Many people are saddled with car payments, credit cards, mortgages, student loans and medical debt. All those debts can add up to monstrous totals that […]

The SearsCard Exposed

How many times have you found yourself in Sears (or in any store!) with the cashier asking you to apply for their store credit card in order to save 10-15%?  It seems like every store has their own credit card these days and it’s nearly impossible to shop without being […]

50 Cent Stamp Prices?

The US Post Office has submitted a 5-year business plan proposal to congress that increases the price of stamps to $0.50 and ends Saturday delivery of mail.  This 11% increase in the price of stamps could generate $1 Billion in new revenue for the US Postal Service. The stopping of […]

Best Times To Shop For A Deal

I read an article the other day with some interesting tips on the best time to shop for deals.  While I would generally agree with most of the suggestions, some of them seemed too obvious and they left some ideas out altogether. Here are some smart suggestions on the best […]

Two Money Saving Rules to Curb Spending

Sometimes you can read all the ways to save money and still not have funds leftover in your budget.  For most people, the underlying problem is that they don’t know about money saving tips – it’s that they’re just unable implement them. The idea behind these two rules address the […]

How to Pay Down Christmas Debt

Paying down Christmas debt is on the minds of many Americans.  U.S. News shared 6 tips on how you can pay down the debt.  Obviously, the best strategy is to not even go into debt, but for those who didn’t follow that tip, here are 6 others (with our commentary). […]

How to Buy a Mattress

Are you in the market for a mattress?  If you are, make sure you know these mattress buying tips first. Look for a trial period This is extremely important when you’re shopping for a mattress.  The last thing you want is to get home to find that you don’t like […]