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5 Tips To Save For Retirement With Leverage

“Over the past 40 years, the responsibility for making retirement spending and investment decisions has shifted away from governments and corporations and toward individuals.”  According to The Floor-Leverage Rule for Retirement paper By Jason S. Scott and John G. Watson, managing the investment risk of retirement savings can be leveraged […]

Can you Save at Christmas?

The Christmas season is nearing. Gifts, travels, feasts, and other luxuries will be boasted in every household. While such festive events are meant to be enjoyed, a budget-limited or thrifty shopper cannot simply ignore the financial effects that this season brings. Nonetheless, enjoying Christmas with family or friends does not […]

Roth IRA Income Limits Explained

Putting money into a retirement account makes it possible to improve your chances of creating a comfortable retirement later on in life. One of the most intriguing options available for retirement savers is the Roth IRA. With the Roth IRA, you can save money on an after-tax basis. Then when […]

IRA Contribution Limits

Contribution limits for IRAs are established by the IRS and vary slightly according to the type of IRA. Three common types of IRAs: traditional, Roth and SIMPLE. Although the contribution limits may vary, there are general rules that apply. Contributions must originate from compensation from any type of employment income […]

The Skinny on Roth IRAs

Jeff at Good Financial Cents is hosting the Roth IRA movement.  This article is a part of that movement to educate people about the importance of saving for retirement. Why Save for Retirement, I Have Time? Time is your best friend when it comes to saving for retirement.  Stat early, […]

2012 Roth IRA Contribution Limits

Contributing to a Roth IRA is a smart money move, especially if you anticipate making more money in the future.  There are, however, contribution limits and income restrictions that must be considered before contributing to a Roth IRA. The three major areas that will determine your eligibility to contribute to […]

401k Rollover: How to Roll Over Your 401k

Have you left your employer recently?  You probably got a notice that your 401k is being forced out.  Sometimes the windows to rollover your 401k are as short as 30 days, while some employers may not force you to move your 401k at all. What is a 401k Rollover? The […]

2012 403b Contribution Limit

The 2012 403b contribution limits increased by $500, allowing you to contribute $17,000 to your 403b in 2012.  This is up from the 2011 403b contribution limit, which was set at $16,500.  The IRS sets the 403b contribution limit rules each year and made the decision to increase the contribution […]