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Impulse Spending Is a Killer Drain

Impulse Spending at Online Retailers – The Ultimate Financial Drains According to statistics, impulse buying and impulse spending at online retailers, such as Amazon, is the ultimate financial drain for many individuals and families around the nation. The average Amazon Prime customer has been found to spend nearly $1,500.00 each […]

5 Money Thoughts That You Should Get Off Your Head

Having a healthy mindset about money is important for financial stability. The importance of positive money psychology could never be undermined as they create the right framework to firmly support your journey towards success in terms of personal finance management. However, there are negative money thoughts that keep some people […]

How to Choose the Best Credit Card for You

“What’s the best credit card?” Sounds like a simple question, right? Well, while there are certainly some credit cards that are better than others, there’s really no “best” credit card since the best credit card really depends on you and your financial situation. For instance, if you have bad credit, […]

The Top Three 0% Balance Transfer Credit Cards of 2012

The global recession that the United States and the rest of the world have been mired in has been dragging on. While certain signs point to the economy improving slowly, many people have had to resort to using their credit card for more purchases than they had originally planned for, […]

Visa or Mastercard: Which is Better?

There are so many types of credit cards available, and when it comes time to choose one, you may wonder which is better: Visa or MasterCard? They are both accepted almost everywhere, and it’s hard to find a merchant that will accept one but not the other. So how are […]