When Will Saturday Mail Stop?

Postal Service to Stop Saturday Delivery

The United States Postal Service is ending Saturday delivery of letters starting August 2013. The postmaster general of the USPS announced the decision on February 6, 2013. The reason is simple, they’re broke.

In a statement to reporters, the postmaster general Patrick Donahoe said, “We are simply not in a financial position where we can continue to make six-day letter delivery.”

The shift from 6 day delivery per week down to 5 days per week will save the post office $2 billion per year. The drastic decline in mail delivery over the last decade has left the post office struggling each year. Th

stop saturday mail

e large prepaid pension fund that it must pay ahead is one of the main contributors to its cashflow shortage, but declining mail doesn’t help its case.

Does Saturday Mail Delivery Matter To You?

The Post Office will still deliver packages but will just stop the delivery of regular mail. That sounds like a good compromise, but what do you think?

Did the post office do the right thing? Should they deliver all mail 6 days a week or drop it to 5 days a week?

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