Rising Cost of Living Getting You Down? Here’s What to Do About it!

While the cost of living seems to be increasing, your quality of life doesn’t have to decrease. Improve your financial health by learning new ways to reduce costs and save money.

1. Place Food Orders for Carryout Instead of Delivery

You can save yourself a few dollars each time you choose takeout over delivery. Not only does a delivery order cost extra to tip the driver, but most restaurants also charge an additional fee for the service. If you are worried about the cost of driving to your favorite restaurant, try eating at a location that is nearby or within walking distance.

2. Drink More Tap Water

Instead of spending money on bottled water, juice or other beverages, consider drinking plain old water for a while. Not only will your body feel healthier, but your wallet will feel heavier. If you just cant stand the taste of your home’s tap water, try refilling a reusable container at public water fountains or getting a water purifier.

3. Work Where You Shop

Many places of business offer discounts on store goods for employees. If you find yourself frequenting certain clothing stores, grocery stores or restaurants, try filling out an application and picking up a part time job at your favorite spot. The extra income and new discounts may help balance your budget.

4. Find Additional Sources of Income

If your current job takes up nearly all of your time, you can still find ways of generating additional income by taking advantage of the internet. Nowadays, practically anything that you own can be sold online. If you are not in to online sales, consider posting flyers around your neighborhood advertising a garage or yard sale at your home. If you do have time to kill, consider running an ad in the paper offering your various services such as cleaning, sewing, pet care or yard care. Metal recycling is another easy way to throw a few bucks into your pocket. Or, take on a part-time or seasonal job that fits your schedule. Many stores hire part-time employees during the holidays when stores are packed. A little extra income during these times could help cover your holiday budget.

5. Improve Your Mileage

With fuel prices on the rise, improving fuel efficiency is a great way to save money. Some simple steps to getting better mileage from your car include making sure your tires are filled with air and getting your oil changed regularly. Regular tune-ups can also improve a vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Not only does replacing worn out components such as spark plugs, spark plug wires, air filters and engine sensors make an engine run better, it also makes the engine run more cost-effectively.

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