Need a Job? Hire Yourself!

self-employmentNeed a Job? Hire Yourself

The number of self-employed individuals in the US reached 10 million individuals or 6.6 percent of the workforce in 2014, Forbes data shows. These people work as freelancers or they are the owners of a small business. Self-employment is becoming a more prominent trend, changing the manner in which people look for work.

Tired of being employed by somebody else? Being an employee will force you to deal with certain limitations. You have to execute according to somebody else’s standard, your payment is fixed and you have to work strict work hours. Becoming your own boss is one of the greatest possibilities for changing this model.

Self employment and starting a business have become easier today than ever before. Here are several great possibilities for building a career on your own.

To become a self-employed copywriter, you’ll need a computer and reliable internet connection. That’s going to be sufficient when it comes to starting a business.

More and more companies are looking for professional copywriting services when it comes to their web content and marketing materials. Outsourcing such projects makes more financial sense than hiring a copywriter. Thus, freelance copywriters get access to a bigger number of intriguing projects.

Designers and Developers
If you have experience in the field of web design and development, you can once again look at self employment possibilities. The initial investment required to launch this kind of business is limited – you need a computer, internet access and the relevant software.

Companies from all parts of the globe are looking for experienced web developers. Sky is the limit when it comes to getting access to projects. If you offer competitive prices and you have enough experience, you’ll soon begin building a solid portfolio.

Individuals that are knowledgeable in more than one language have the opportunity to launch their own, home-based translation business.

Dozens of websites help freelance translators get access to work. Such projects can be executed comfortably in one’s home and with time, translation projects will lead to full-time employment.

It’s important to be knowledgeable in English and at least one more popular language like Spanish, Arabic, French, Russian or German. Having knowledge of more exotic and difficult languages will give you access to better paying jobs.

Tutoring and Teaching
More and more people look for online educational opportunities. Thus, virtual tutors gain access to amazing self employment options.

You can build your own course or you can easily develop a tutorial, upload it online and get paid each time somebody downloads the materials. Having specialized skills and academic knowledge will enable you to charge more and build a solid online teaching career.

Many other professionals have the chance to benefit from self employment possibilities. Writers, video makers, financial advisors, marketing managers, virtual assistants, ecommerce shop owners, tech support specialists, system administrators and many other professionals can easily launch a business and gain independence from traditional employment options and the limitations that these bring.

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