Industry resurrections – Fields that have risen back from the dead

It is only natural that as the world progresses, the job scenarios change. It is also equally natural for some industries to fall while some rise up. Time and again, this keeps happening, much to the delight of some, while to the disappointment of many.

In the midst of all this, however, there are some industries that fell and stayed fallen for a while. Mainly because of factors such as the economy and technology and migration, these industries have also been affected by various miscellaneous factors. There is no doubt that while they have fallen hard, they have been equally powerful in getting back up. The same millions who lost their jobs when these fell worked hard in building the industry again and getting their jobs back.

Here is a look at some of the career paths that drowned but floated back:

1) Banking – Banks were always considered one of man’s necessities. Physically built banks with geographic locations were the perfect haven for everyone. But because of the development of conveniences such as internet banking, mobile banking and virtual banking services, such banks lost their demand. Until a few years ago, these banks which were once the places that everyone needed became merely shells of existence. The job need shrunk and with that shrunk the employment rate. But companies like Wells Fargo careers fought back by making brave choices which included offering of exclusive services and provisions of extra facilities for those visiting banks. Such certainty and bounties brought the industry enthusiasts back and the industry came back within a few years. Banks today are just as efficient, thanks to the steps taken.

2) Electrical industry – This industry took a hard hit as well a little before the past decade. While electricity was and still remains a need, the scarcity of necessary resources such as water and proper construction required for the growth of the industry reduced, thereby reducing job opportunities in many locations. Research suggests that more than 40% of the employees in areas affected by drought and famine lost their jobs in the electrical industry. However, companies did not get give up. To protect their own employees, Voltas careers and many other organizations took responsibility. Environmental measures, technological measures and all other steps required for the industry to come back were taken. The industry today remains as useful as ever.

3) Information Technology – Thanks to the economy, billions lost their jobs in their field. Earlier, the same industry that was famous for its extravagant need of manpower had become notorious after the 2008 recession for firing as many as 50% of its own employees. Companies sacked various workers and closed down divisions. The same information technology realized it was time to strike back once the economy settled. Brave investments, opening of previously closed divisions and help from other sectors contributed to the waking up of the IT sector again.

Today, these industries’ enormous boom is back and we sincerely hope it stays for good this time.

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