How Worrying About Money Attracts More Money Worries

money-worriesAre You Worrying about Money?

You have heard that money is the root of all evil, probably for most of your life, and while this is a misconstruction of the actual phrase, it is one many people live by if only subconsciously. Even if you do not actively shun money, the fact that you worry about money can actually attract more money worries! How is that for a vicious cycle!

Thought Process
Before you shun the whole idea of how your thoughts, in this case worry, can actually attract what you do not want in your life you should try a simple little exercise. What is your favorite food? Juicy steak? Sweet key lime pie? Whatever it is take a moment to think about it, really focus on what it looks like; remember the smell, taste and texture. Is your mouth watering yet? Have you instantly thought of multiple ways you could get your hands on your favorite food?

You see what you focus on, think about or ponder has an effect on the rest of your thought processes. When you worry about money, you are constantly reinforcing the idea that there is not enough to go around, hence every problem becomes magnified and each opportunity to fail is highlighted. Think again about your favorite food, can you taste it yet?

At this point, many people, even the intellectual types, will guffaw and snort insisting it is all a bunch of mumbo jumbo. Is it? How do you feel when you worry about money? In reality, how do you actually feel about money in general? How you feel about money deep down, will determine many things in your life, including whether you worry about it or not.

Right about now, you are probably thinking, “but you do not understand, I am broke!” Being short or out of money with bills pouring in is a difficult place to be in and while worrying is an understandable response that does not mean it should be your default and there are several reasons why. Worry causes:

  • You to constantly focus on what might happen- these are possible outcomes none of which are usually good, but also which are not guaranteed.
  • Anxiety- during waking hours you will feel a constant sense of impending doom, which only increase your worries.
  • Produces paranoia- Worrying all the time heightens your senses, but not in a good way, as even the most minor of criticisms can become catastrophic.
  • Self-Medication- Smoking, alcohol, overeating and drugs are things many people will use to knock the edge off.

Look, no one is saying you have to ignore life and the real problems you are facing, that would be the ostrich response. However, instead of letting worry control your thought processes and as a result attract more worry, you need to let the problems motivate you. Think of your cash shortfall as a challenge, one you can win!

Seeing the End
How do you stop the worry and begin to come up with ideas to solve the problem? Visualize the end of your race! If you cannot conceive or even imagine a time when your bank account is full and the bills are paid, you are going to have a nearly impossible “race” to run. If you doubt the importance of visualizing the end, just read the story of Florence Chadwick, the endurance swimmer. In 1952, she attempted to swim 26 miles between the California coastline and Catalina Island, many hours into the swim a heavy fog set in marring her view of the coast (the finish line). She told her mother she didn’t think she could make it and requested an hour later to be pulled from the water… she was one mile from victory! Her second attempt at the same swim she was successful in spite of fog because she kept the coastline in her mind’s eye as she swam.

What you think will manifest in your life, and if you still have trouble with that concept test yourself. Take a few minutes each day to focus on a strong feeling, positive or negative, then make note of how that affects your decisions, actions and outcomes.

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