How to Buy a Mattress

Are you in the market for a mattress?  If you are, make sure you know these mattress buying tips first.

Look for a trial period

This is extremely important when you’re shopping for a mattress.  The last thing you want is to get home to find that you don’t like the mattress you’ll sleep on every night.  Make sure it comes with a 30-45 day warranty and return it if you’re not satisfied.

Don’t Cheap Out

Mattresses aren’t cheap.  If you find a discount mattress warehouse, run.  You should plan to spend anywhere from $500 – $1200 on a good mattress.  Why so much?  It’s a product you’ll use everyday for 5-10 years.  It’s worth the cost and you shouldn’t sacrifice sleep for a few bucks of savings.

Consider a Mattress Protector – Not Pad

If there’s a salesperson, they’ll try to sell you on a mattress pad or protector. Go with the protector and forget the pad.  Sometimes the protector is a prerequisite to get the insurance or warranty from the store.  It usually costs $60-$80, but it’s worth the protection and warranty that comes with it.

Don’t forget to negotiate

Three things come to mind right away when you are mattress shopping.

  1. How will it ship to you?
  2. Do you have a bed frame?
  3. Are there extras you can throw in? Pillows, linens, etc?

Always try to get free shipping.  Period.  Secondly, you’ll probably need a bedframe, so this is the perfect time to negotiate one into the sale.    Thirdly, instead of spending extra money on pillows, try to have them throw one or two nice pillows in for free.  This could be a savings of $30-$40 right there.

What are your tips when shopping for a mattress?

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