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5 Money Thoughts That You Should Get Off Your Head

Having a healthy mindset about money is important for financial stability. The importance of positive money psychology could never be undermined as they create the right framework to firmly support your journey towards success in terms of personal finance management. However, there are negative money thoughts that keep some people […]

Buying Property in California

Wouldn’t it be great to own a townhouse in San Francisco or a beach front property in San Diego? With the state of California boasting some of the hottest real estate in the United States today, you may have your sights set on snagging a west coast property of your […]

How Large Should My Down Payment Be?

First-time homebuyers often ask, “How large of a down payment should we put up for this home?” Once upon a time, the “no money down!” loan was actually an option for everyday people, but that was before the economy slipped out from under our feet. Today, even though prices are […]

Planning a Money Saving Wedding

In the USA, the average cost of a wedding is $25,631, while over the pond, the UK boasts an even higher £21,000 price tag. For many, this is the equivalent of a year’s wages or the down-payment on a house, and in tight financial times it seems more and more absurd […]

Predicting the Unknown with your Personal Finances

It doesn’t matter if you turn to a professional financial advisor or personal finance bloggers they will all tell you that an increase in personal finance can come by preparing for any circumstance good or bad. Predicting the ‘unknown’ is often difficult, this added with the factors such as unemployment […]

How to Reduce your Electricity Bills

A lot of people complain about paying too much for their electricity, and among that number are businesses who, with the economy in poor shape, are doing all they can to live within their means. They may look at a number of ways to reduce their electricity bills like cutting […]

Debt Reduction Strategies

When it comes to debt reduction, having a strategy can mean the difference between success and failure. No more excuses, you need a debt reduction strategy!Many people are saddled with car payments, credit cards, mortgages, student loans and medical debt. All those debts can add up to monstrous totals that […]