Best Times To Shop For A Deal

I read an article the other day with some interesting tips on the best time to shop for deals.  While I would generally agree with most of the suggestions, some of them seemed too obvious and they left some ideas out altogether.

Here are some smart suggestions on the best time to get a good deal.

Thursday Evenings

This was one of the suggestions from the article.  It made sense because a lot of stores stock up their shelves on Thursday in an attempt to beat the weekend rush.  You can often find marked down items that day without running into the weekend mall crowd.

In the Off Season

Let’s face it, stores want to get rid of any leftovers they have in order to make room for the newest fashions.  If you can find sweaters in the spring or shorts in the fall, you might be able to snag a deal for 30-70% off the ‘in-season’ price.

Holiday Weekends

Holiday weekends are notorious for great sales, especially when it comes to furniture, appliances, and vehicles.  If you’re in the market for any of these things, it just makes sense to look ahead and try to plan a visit on one of those weekends.

Not Right After a Paycheck!

Caught you off guard, didn’t we!  Look, it’s just too common to run to the mall after a paycheck.  Break the bad habit (yes, it’s a bad habit) and don’t schedule your shopping trips around your paydays.  This is simple to break if you follow the savings rules we wrote about before.

What are some suggestions for the best time to go shopping?

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