8 Ways to Save Money Immediately

I’m always looking for ways to save money.  Aside from straight up asking stores for discounts – yes, I’ve done that – there are other ways that you can start saving money immediately.  At the end of the day, saving money isn’t difficult – the challenging part is finding the time to do what it takes.  Sometimes a few minutes can save you hundreds of dollars, so let these tips inspire you to act today and save some money!

1. Trim Your Cell Phone Bill

We already shared 3 easy ways to save on your cell phone in a past article, so make sure you’re doing those things.  Even the simplest things like calling your provider to see if you could save money by lowering your data plan could save you $5-10 a month!

2. Ditch the Landline

Are people still using landlines?  Yes!  Some cable and internet packages require a land line, but if you are using a separate cable and internet provider, you might be able to ditch the landline altogether.  Use your cell phone – it’s just easier!

3. Buy Everything Used

Before you add another thing to your online shopping cart, open up eBay, Amazon, or Craigslist to check out the used-items.  I just found a used Apple smart cover for an Ipad at 50% off by checking out Amazon first.  It was barely used and looks brand new!

4. Keep Up With Maintenance

Maintenance on vehicles, homes, electronics and your health can save you thousands down the road.  Websites like PartSelect can show you how to fix it yourself and get you a deal on just the parts you’ll need.Don’t put things off – make sure you take care of routine checkups in all parts of your life!

5. Stop Wasting Energy

How many lights are on while you’re at home?  Turn off the lights!  Don’t forget to set your thermostat a few degrees lower in the winter and a few degrees higher in the summer – it’ll end up saving you upwards of 10% on your bills according to the US Department of Energy.

6. Switch Insurance Providers

When was the last time you checked your insurance?  It’s smart to check at least once a year and to find equal policies that cost you less.

7. Stop Accepting Bank Fees

If you’re banking with a giant bank, you might be eating a lot of unnecessary fees.  Don’t accept it!  Switch your bank to an online provider like Perkstreet.  You can read this Perkstreet review for a better idea of what they’re about.

8. Start Couponing

You don’t have to be a coupon mom to save hundreds of dollars with coupons.  It just takes smart shopping and a little thought.  Here are a few couponing myths that will answer your questions about whether couponing actually saves you money or not.

How do you plan on saving money this year?

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