10 Discounts for Filing Taxes Online

Turbo Tax discounts are available to almost everyone. You just have to be an account holder or member with one of these companies and you can get a discount on Turbo Tax for up to 35%.  (Actually, some sites like fidelity and Bank of America have been known to give everyone a discount if you buy a premium version of Turbo Tax.)

You Can File With TurboTax for Free

You can still file the Federal version of Turbo Tax for free. It’s the safest and most popular way to file online and the simple version is available to you for free. Give the free Turbo Tax version a try – you’ll be glad you did.

If you don’t want to use the free version of Turbo Tax, you can get a discount on one of the paid Turbo Tax options. The Turbo Tax discounts can range from 15%-35% off.

How to get a discount with TurboTax:

On FinancialSprout.com there is a comprehensive list of companies that offer discounts on TurboTax. Check out their article on TurboTax coupon codes and discounts to save up to 35% on TurboTax this year!

Remember, there’s always the free Federal Turbo Tax option if you’re able to file a simple return.

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