5 Tips To Save For Retirement With Leverage

“Over the past 40 years, the responsibility for making retirement spending and investment decisions has shifted away from governments and corporations and toward individuals.”  According to The Floor-Leverage Rule for Retirement paper By Jason S. Scott and John G. Watson, managing the investment risk of retirement savings can be leveraged […]

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Mutual Funds – Hidden Fees May Rob You of Your Retirement

Mutual funds are an excellent investment opportunity if you are searching for a way to fund your retirement. In essence, mutual funds are nothing more than a pool of money from numerous individuals that place their investments into certain things. There are many different types of investment opportunities when it […]

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Impulse Spending Is a Killer Drain

Impulse Spending at Online Retailers – The Ultimate Financial Drains According to statistics, impulse buying and impulse spending at online retailers, such as Amazon, is the ultimate financial drain for many individuals and families around the nation. The average Amazon Prime customer has been found to spend nearly $1,500.00 each […]

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